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    125001 - Get up & Go Fitness Camps

    It’s no secret that americas kids are facing an obesity problem of epic proportions. Here at Get Up & Go Fitness we believe that the best defense against childhood obesity is early intervention and education. Children taught the fundamentals of exercise and a healthy lifestyle at an early age develop positive habits that last a life time. Our programs are designed specifically for kids and make exercise so much fun but at the same time effective.

    Our kids fitness programs focus on the following:

    Cardiovascular exercise
    Functional movement
    Increased physical strength
    Improved coordination
    Improved flexibility
    Increase sports performance
    Teach healthy eating
    Increase in confidence
    Decrease body fat
    Increase energy
    Positive attitude
    Increase confidence
    Team building and relationships
    And most important, we have FUN doing it!

    Basketball Fitness Camp
    We mix exercise with drills conducive to improvements in the great game of Basketball. We develop hand eye coordination and improve foot speed and and agility. Also develop overall strength, core strength, and endurance for all sports not just Basketball. We work hard as a team but safety and fun are always the priority.

    Fitness Camp
    We exercise as team using gravity based exercise as well as light weights and functional equipment provided by Get Up & Go Fitness. Our goal is to provide your child with a full body workout to increase muscle and strength while burning calories and reducing body fat. We work hard as a team but safety and fun are always the priority.

    Some of the equipment utilized:
    Bands, med balls, hurdle steps, agility ladders, cones, small dumbbells, small kettle bells, etc

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    AvailableBaskettball Fitness CampTu, Th04/30/19- 05/23/19 6:00P- 7:00PTashua Knolls Park$199Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    AvailableGeneral Fitness CampTu, Th04/30/19- 05/23/19 7:00P- 8:00PTashua Knolls Park$199Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    365100 - Karate

    Trumbull Kyokushin Organization
    Instructor: Sensei Susan Pacanowski (3rd Degree)
    For all ages and abilities

    For children, to develop the skills to stay safe and succeed in life, we provide safe age-appropriate karate training while focusing on the development of attributes that foster success throughout life.

    For adults, karate is centered on personal development. That development entails practical matters such as real-life self-defense & the development of mental and spiritual fortitude. 

    For families, karate is a great family activity. All the benefits of karate plus the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids doing something that is beneficial and loved by the entire family.

    Benefits of Karate:
    Balance & Coordination, Strength & Stamiina, Flexibility & Range of Motion, Concentration & Focus, Stress Reduction, Self Defense, Discipline & Motivation, A ‘Can Do’ Attitude, Friendship & Comradery

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    AvailableKarateTu, Th03/21/19- 05/21/19 7:00P- 8:30PIndian Ledge Park$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart
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