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    322100 - Boys Basketball Leagues

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    WaitlistBoys' K & 1 BasketbaSa12/01/18- 03/30/1912:00P- 4:00PFrenchtown School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    Unavailable Boys' 2nd Grade BaskSa12/01/18- 03/30/19 1:00P- 4:00PDaniels Farm School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistBoys' 3rd Grade BaskSa12/01/18- 03/30/19 9:00A- 11:00AMiddlbrook School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistBoys' 4th Grade BaskTu, Th11/06/18- 03/28/19 6:00P- 9:00PJane Ryan School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistBoys' 5th & 6th GradM, Tu, Th, Sa11/05/18- 03/30/19 6:00P- 9:00PDaniels Farm School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    Unavailable Boys' 7th-9th GradeM, W, Sa11/05/18- 03/30/19 6:00P- 9:00PHillcrest Middle$65Item DetailsRead Notice
    Unavailable Boys' 10th-12th GradTu, Th12/04/18- 03/28/19 6:00P- 9:00PHillcrest Middle$65Item DetailsRead Notice

    322113 - Girls Basketball Leagues

    Volunteer coaches are needed for all leagues!

    Girls' basketball leagues are offered for children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The season runs Nov. through March and takes place at various schools around Trumbull. Below the different leagues are listed with the loctions and the times that games are played.

    Girls Basketball Leagues Schedule:
    K & 1st Grade: Saturdays at Frenchtown between 8amó12noon
    2nd & 3rd Grades: Saturdays at Middlebrook between 12noon-3pm
    4th Grade: Monday or Wednesday at Frenchtown between 6pm-9pm
    5th & 6th Grades: Tuesdays at Frenchtown between 6pm-9pm
    or Thursdays at Middlebrook between 6-9pm
    7th-12th Grades: Monday or Wednesday at Middlebrook between 6-9pm

    GRADES Kó 3: No Tryouts. Coaches meeting at rec office. 5892 Main St. Trumbull
    K & 1 Girls - 10/29 @ 5:30pm
    2nd & 3rd Grade Girls - 10/29 @ 5:45pm

    Grade 4: Monday, Nov. 19th 6:30pm Frenchtown Elementary
    Grades 5 & 6: Thursday, Nov. 15th 6:30pm Middlebrook Elementary
    Grades 7-12: Wednesday, Nov. 14th 6:30pm Frenchtown Elementary

    Girls leagues in grades K-3 are practices and scrimmages with volunteer coaches. There are no officials or scorekeeping. Teams are also formed in the office, no tryout or draft.

    Leagues for Grades 4 and up will recevie a tryout date and draft held with volunteer coaches. Schedules are distributed after the draft.

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    Unavailable Girls' K&1 BasketbalSa12/01/18- 03/30/19 8:00A- 12:00PFrenchtown School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistGirls 2nd & 3rd GradSa12/01/18- 03/30/1912:00P- 3:00PMiddlbrook School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    Unavailable Girls 4th GradeM, W12/01/18- 03/27/19 6:00P- 9:00PFrenchtown School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistGirls 5th & 6th GradTu, Th12/01/18- 03/28/19 6:00P- 9:00PMiddlbrook School$57Item DetailsRead Notice
    Unavailable Girls 7th- 12th GradM, W12/03/18- 03/27/19 6:00P- 9:00PMiddlbrook School$65Item DetailsRead Notice

    322118 - Girls THS Clinic

    This is a fundraiser for The THS Girls Basketball Team. $10 per participant will be required at the door for entry.

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    Unavailable Girls Basketball Clinic hosted by Trumbull Recreation and run by the Girls THS Basketball TeamTh11/08/18- 11/08/18 5:00P- 6:30PMiddlbrook School$0Item DetailsRead Notice

    328600 - Childrens Volleyball Clinic

    A volleyball clinic is being offered for boys and girls ages 10 to 16. This clinic takes place on Saturdays at Daniels Farm School from 4:00-6:00pm. Instructor Olivia Ceballos will introduce the group to fundamentals of volleyball. Participants have the opportunity to learn and develop skills through various games and drills. As the group progresses, advanced techniques may be taught.

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    WaitlistVolleyball Co-ed ClSa02/09/19- 04/27/19 4:00P- 6:00PDaniels Farm School$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    348600 - Volleyball Adult COED

    A coed volleyball league is offered for teams including Trumbull residents or Trumbull based businesses. The league is split into a recreation division which plays on Mondays and power division who play Wednesday evenings. The recreation division is for teams of a lower skill level or looking to have fun. The power division is for skilled players and teams.

    The league consists of a round robin followed by a single elimination tournament which runs mid-October through mid-April.

    Individuals land teams ooking to join should contact Dan Gagne at 203-452-5008 or

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    Unavailable Vollybll Rec COEDM11/12/18- 04/22/19 6:30P- 9:30PMadison Middle$300Item DetailsRead Notice
    Unavailable Vollybll COED PowerW11/14/18- 04/24/19 6:30P- 9:30PMadison Middle$300Item DetailsRead Notice
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