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    120107 - Intermediate Swim Lessons

    The intermidiate level is for those swimmers looking to perfect their strokes and diving. Swimmers should have a good background in all strokes. Intense swimming at this level.This is a group lesson of up to 10 participants with 2 lifeguard instructors.

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    AvailableIntermediateM-F08/06/18- 08/17/1811:15A- 11:50ATashua Knolls Park$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    AvailableIntermediateM-F08/06/18- 08/17/18 5:25P- 6:00PTashua Knolls Park$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    122105 - Basketball Summer League

    A summer basketball league is offered at Tashua Knolls outdoor courts. The league is open to boys entering 5th, 6th and 7th grades in Trumbull. Games are played on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6 or 7pm for 6 weeks. Teams are made up of 10 players who play a round robin schedule and all receive equal playing time. There are no coaches in this league. All substitutions and coaching come from our referee and coordinator.
    Location: Tashua Knolls Basketball Courts
    Dates & Times: Mondays or Wednesdays at 6pm or 7pm June 25th-August 1st
    Fee: $50pp

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    Coming Soon Bball Summer LeagueM, W06/27/18- 08/01/18 6:00P- 8:00PTashua Knolls Park$50Item DetailsRead Notice

    122601 - Playground Camp

    Camps for grades 1 - 6 are divided into two week sessions. If you are planning on your child attending all summer, you must register for all sessions.

    Our playground camps offers children outdoor experiences and physical activity with peers under the supervision of trained counselors. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and games including arts and crafts, sports, group games and challenges. The playground camp will allow campers to be creative, explore, and have fun while making new friends. Special events and themed days will highlight each week as well.

    Camp is open Monday - Friday, excluding Wednesdays, weather permitting.

    Upon registration you may choose early drop off and/or late pick up. Early drop off is from 8:00am - 9:00am and costs $25. Late pichk up is from 2:45pm - 4:00pm and costs $35. If you decide to sign up for both, you will recieve a discount and will cost $50.

    Playground trips will take place on Wednesdays. Campers must register individually for trips that they wish to attend. No regular camp will be held on the day of trips.

    Parents should provide a snack, lunch and beverage for their child.

    Fridays will be water days at the regular camp location. Campers should bring a bathing suit, towel, and change of clothes for the day.

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    WaitlistPlayground Camp JRM, Tu, Th, F07/09/18- 07/20/18 9:00A- 2:45PJane Ryan School$50Item DetailsRead Notice
    AvailablePlayground Camp JRM, Tu, Th, F07/23/18- 08/03/18 9:00A- 2:45PJane Ryan School$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    AvailablePlayground Camp JRM, Tu, Th, F08/06/18- 08/17/18 9:00A- 2:45PJane Ryan School$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    WaitlistPlayground Camp DFSM, Tu, Th, F06/25/18- 07/06/18 9:00A- 2:45PDaniels Farm School$50Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistPlayground Camp DFSM, Tu, Th, F07/09/18- 07/20/18 9:00A- 2:45PDaniels Farm School$50Item DetailsRead Notice
    WaitlistPlayground Camp DFSM, Tu, Th, F07/23/18- 08/03/18 9:00A- 2:45PDaniels Farm School$50Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    FullPlayground Camp DFSM, Tu, Th, F08/06/18- 08/17/18 9:00A- 2:45PDaniels Farm School$50Item DetailsRead Notice

    122610 - Playground Trips

    Trips take place on Wednesday each week of camp.
    There is no regular camp the day of trips.

    Families may choose trips ala carte and do not have to participate if they choose not to. Parents should provide a lunch, snack and refillable water bottle for campers. Pickup and drop off for trips will be at Daniels Farm Elementary School for all campers. Some trips are longer than a normal camp day to allow for travel and enough time at each location. Fees include all activities and transportation

    June 27th-FunFusion 9am to 4pm: Bowling, Mini golf, Laser Tag and Arcade! Lunch is included on this trip but campers may bring their own! Chicken tenders and fries. $45pp

    July 11th-Rockin Jump & Hike 9am to 2:45pm: Two hours of jump time at Rockin Jump! Lunch outside at Old mine park and a hike! Bring a lunch. $25pp

    July 18th-Discovery Adventure Park 9am to 2:45pm: Rope courses and adventure! Bring a lunch. $50pp

    July 25th-Maritime Aquarium 9am to -4pm: Imax movie and tour of the aquarium. Bring a lunch. $25pp

    August 1st-Brownstone Adventure Park 8am to 4pm: Water park with tons of activities! Bring a lunch. $50pp

    August 8th-Sportscenter of CT 9am to 2:45pm: Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Arcade, Bowling! Bring a lunch $30pp

    August 15-Cookout and Field Day at Old Mine Park 9am to 2:45pm: Our annual field day at Old mine Park to close out the summer. Field games, hiking, hot dogs and hamburgers. FREE with donation of non-perishable food item.

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    Coming Soon Rockin Jump & HikeW07/11/18- 07/11/18 9:00A- 2:45P $25Item DetailsRead Notice
    Coming Soon Disc Adventure ParkW07/18/18- 07/18/18 9:00A- 2:45P $50Item DetailsRead Notice
    AvailableMaritime AquariumW07/25/18- 07/25/18 9:00A- 4:00P $25Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    AvailableBrownstone ParkW08/01/18- 08/01/18 8:00A- 4:00P $50Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    AvailableSports CenterW08/08/18- 08/08/18 9:00A- 2:45P $30Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    123101 - Engineering Imagination

    Engineering FUNdamentals with LEGO!

    In this engineering “fundamentals” program, students will learn from a customized, unique, S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics) based curriculum while having FUN! The primary medium used for these classes is LEGO TECHNIC. For students or all ages, especially the younger ones, LEGO is an attractive, efficient, fun teaching medium. From the creativity and enjoyment encourages by LEGO, kids always enjoy themselves while learning essential engineering terms and concepts along the way.

    Aspiring Young Engineers

    In this program, young engineers will use a variety of mediums such as LEGO, recycled materials, salvaged motors and gears, balsa wood & more to explore unique, customized S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics) curriculum. Using these mediums, participants will learn about & build projects such as hydroelectric waterwheels, model rockets and scale bridges. From a model roller coaster to LEGO challenges, your child is sure to have blast and learning along the way!

    This program takes place at the Barn at Indian Ledge.


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    FullEngineering FundamenM-F07/09/18- 07/13/18 9:00A- 12:00PIndian Ledge Park$150Item DetailsRead Notice
    Coming Soon Aspiring Young EnginM-F07/09/18- 07/13/18 1:00P- 4:00PIndian Ledge Park$150Item DetailsRead Notice

    123102 - LEGO Engineering Classes

    Save the world with LEGO Super Heroes! Build the hideouts and vehicles of your favorite caped crusaders and learn what makes them not only Super Heros, but Super Hero Engineers! An experienced Play-Well instructor guides young heroes as the design, build, and save a city where ingenuity and imagination can solve any conflitct.

    LEGO Super Heroes need your help to defeat the destructive forces of evil arch-villians as they threaten LEGOpolis! Explore the tools and techniques of your favorite caped crusaders and learn what makes them not only Super Heroes, nut super engineers. An engineering curriculum designed by Play-Well challenges heroes to design, build, and save a city where ingenuity and imagination can solve any conflict.

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    AvailableSuper Hero Engineering!M-F08/13/18- 08/17/18 8:30A- 11:30AFrenchtown School$175Item DetailsAdd to Cart
    AvailableSuper Hero Master EngineeringM-F08/13/18- 08/17/1812:30P- 3:30PFrenchtown School$175Item DetailsAdd to Cart

    123103 - Mad Science Summer Programs

    Wacky Robots & Widgets
    Location: Frenchtown Elementary School
    Dates: August 6th—August 10th 9am-12pm
    Ages: 7-12
    No Discounts
    Whether your child loves to build things or destroy them, this week of camp includes lots of both! Junior Mad Science engineers design & build structures using simple tools and their imaginations. Then the machine madness starts…children discover how different machines, both simple and complex, are used in our daily lives! Kids design simple machines using pulleys, wedges, screws and levers to have fun learning catapults work. We use the skills we’ve learned to build a Mad Science Robot that we can keep, all while learning the science of robotics! Lots of take homes everyday!
    Fee: $220pp for 15 hours

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    AvailableMad Science RobotsM-F08/06/18- 08/10/18 9:00A- 12:00PFrenchtown School$220Item DetailsAdd to Cart
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