Details for Karate
165100-A3 (Martial Arts)

Open to These Grades: 2nd and Up
Ages: under 8 years and Up
Gender: Co-ed
There are 2 sections of this class
Date Time Day
07/16/2019 - 09/05/2019 7:00P to 8:30P Tue, Thu
Trumbull Kyokushin Organization
Instructor: Sensei Susan Pacanowski (3rd Degree)
For all ages and abilities

For children, to develop the skills to stay safe and succeed in life, we provide safe age-appropriate karate training while focusing on the development of attributes that foster success throughout life.

For adults, karate is centered on personal development. That development entails practical matters such as real-life self-defense & the development of mental and spiritual fortitude. 

For families, karate is a great family activity. All the benefits of karate plus the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids doing something that is beneficial and loved by the entire family.

Benefits of Karate:
Balance & Coordination, Strength & Stamiina, Flexibility & Range of Motion, Concentration & Focus, Stress Reduction, Self Defense, Discipline & Motivation, A ‘Can Do’ Attitude, Friendship & Comradery

8:00PM - 8:30PM is for advanced students only. There is no extra charge.
You must be evaluated before you can stay.